A professional profile of Glenn Bach. A full CV is available as a PDF, and a resume is here. Send an e-mail to glenncbach (at) gmail (dot) com.

Glenn Bach
Slow Sound


Media Arts Program Coordinator, Art Institute of California-Orange County, 2013 to present.

Full-Time Faculty, Art Institute of California-Orange County, April 2011 to December 2012.

Instructor, Art Instititue of California (Orange County and Inland Empire), January 2010 to March 2011.

DF 1101 Survey of Digital Filmmaking and Video Production
DF 1122 Fundamentals of Audio
DF 1132 Conceptual Storytelling
DF 2252 Intermediate Audio
DF 3382 Sound Design
DF 3392 Audio Post Production

AU 1111 Survey of the Audio Industry
AU 1101 Fundamentals of Audio
AU 1121 Listening and Analysis
AU 1221 Audio Technology II

MM3314 Sound Design

Adjunct Assistant Professor (Teaching Academic Staff), Department of Film, Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Fall 2007 to Spring 2009.

FILM 116 Experimentation with Media
FILM 420 Post Production Audio
FILM 420 Sound Recording and Digital Audio

Office Manager, Department of English, CSULB (1998-2007).

Lecturer, ART 181, Foundation Drawing, CSULB, Spring 2005.

Teaching Assistant, ART 181, Foundation Drawing, CSULB, Spring 2003.

Teaching Assistant, ART 381, Intermediate Drawing, CSULB, Fall 2002.

Administrative Assistant to Dean of Students Roger Lehecka, Columbia University, New York (during leave of absence from CSULB), Fall 1997 to Spring 1998.

Clerical Assistant (English, Academic Senate, Staff Personnel), CSULB, 1991-96.

Student Assistant (Staff Personnel, University Art Museum), CSULB, 1988-91.


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As an artist who works with sound and music, Bach weaves field recordings, digital audio, and analog electronics into quiet meditative soundscapes that explore issues of place and memory. His published solo projects include full-length recordings released on MPRNTBL and Scottish label Dust, Unsettled. Bach also has two solo recordings, Diamond Finesse and Brumal, housed on the Stasisfield label. His sound works have appeared on numerous compilations, labels, online projects and radio programs around the world. He has performed and improvised with musicians such as Steve Roden, Jeffrey Roden, G.E. Stinson, Steuart Liebig, Aaron Ximm, j.frede, Josh Russell, Haco, Marcos Fernandes, Lisle Ellis, smgsap, Spastic Colon, Tom Recchion, David Nadal, Matt Pogue, Cat Lamb, Lewis Keller, Bob Bellerue, Mitchell Brown, Jessica Catron, Jeremy Drake, David Kendall, Michael Raco-Rands, Marco Schindelmann, Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra and others. Bach leads the Southern California Soundscape Ensemble, a group dedicated to live, improvised soundscapes comprised entirely of field recordings (and the 'house band" for Southern California Sound Ecology, a regional chapter of the American Society of Acoustic Ecology). He also directs the improvising ensemble Double Blind, a vehicle for collaborative soundscapes, and the all-electronics ensemble Intense Situations of Peril, focused on sampling the foley and sound effects from mainstream films along with field recordings and other raw material gathered in the geographical locations depicted in those movies. He has collaborated with Chicago-based artist John Kannenberg on Two Cities, an audio-visual meditation on ambulatory experiences of place, and Dispersal Patterns, a documentation of live improvisations on Chicago-area radio.

The act of walking consistently appears throughout Bach's work and processes, particularly in his ongoing long-poem, Atlas Peripatetic. Inspired by a six-month cataloging of sounds heard on his morning walk, Bach samples the nearly 1,300 sound descriptions as inspiration for a series of textual improvisations, found poetry, remixes of FAQs and "how-to" guides, and other poetic meditations on the intricate associations and connections triggered by the original sounds.  Excerpts have appeared in online and print journals such as The Argotist Online, Aught, DIAGRAM, Free Verse, hutt, jubilat, mprsnd, Pearl, Shampoo, Snorkel, Softblow, and The Tiny. Hundreds of his previous poems appeared in small presses during the 1990s, and he received three Pushcart Prize nominations for his poetry in print.

Also active as a curator, Bach oversees the MPRNTBL netlabel, showcasing field recordings, lowercase, analog noise, and collaborative soundscapes from Intense Situations of Peril, Double Blind, Mem1, Aaron Ximm, and more. Bach curated a six-night music festival, Slow Sound, in September 2009;, a six-day festival of experimental and improvised music, in April 2005; and  a monthly house concert series, Quiet, that featured some of the leading figures in quiet (lowercase) music.

Bach currently resides in Los Angeles, California, and works as the Media Arts Program Coordinator at Art Institute of California-Orange County.


Audacity workshop, “Experimental Sound for Visual Artists and Filmmakers,” Riverside Art Museum, 16 February 2013.

Artist talk for the Composition Colloquium directed by Dr. Alan Shockley, Composition and Theory, Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, CSULB, Wednesday, 19 September 2012.

Sound Art Docent (guided tour of selected installations), Soundwalk 2012 , downtown Long Beach, CA, 1 September 2012.

Lecture and performance for Tom Krumpak's graduate seminar in Drawing and Painting, Art Department, Cal State Long Beach, 20 March 2012.

"Nicolas Bourriaud's Postproduction and the Process of a Sound Artist/Poet," via Skype, Heather Warren-Crow's course on Digital Art, Department of Visual Art, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 23 November 2010.

Sound Art Docent (guided tour of selected installations), Soundwalk 2010 , downtown Long Beach, CA, 2 October 2010.

"The Art of Being in Nature," Center for Living Peace, Irvine, CA, 15 August 2010.

"The Art of Mandalas," Center for Living Peace, Irvine, CA, 27 June 2010.

"Walkabout," Center for Living Peace, Irvine, CA, 20 June 2010.

"The Art of Mandalas," Center for Living Peace, Irvine, CA, 13 June 2010.

"Walkabout," Center for Living Peace, Irvine, CA, 6 June 2010.

Hands-on art lessons for elementary school tours, OCMA, Fall 2009.

"Field Recording and the work of Aaron Ximm," with a live improvised mix of Ximm's field recordings, FILM 202 (Carl Bogner), UWM Recital Hall, 17 November 2008.

KSE Fridays
(with Rebecca Holderness, Theatre Department, UWM), (curated by Christopher Burns, Music, UWM), KSE 592 (Kenilworth Square East) Milwaukee, WI, 16 November 2007.

"Mapping and Place," PowerPoint slide lecture, ART 381 (Linda Day), CSULB, 14 April 2005.

"New Perspectives on Place," PowerPoint slide lecture, ART 381 (Tom Krumpak), CSULB, 18 November 2004.

Visiting Artist, Summer SIX Art Program 2004, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY, 19-20 July 2004 (two PowerPoint lectures, concert at Schick Art Gallery).

"New Perspectives on Place," PowerPoint slide lecture, ART 381 (Tom Krumpak), CSULB, 11 March 2004.

"Experimental Poetry as a Creative Tool," ART 181 (John De Heras), CSULB, Fall 2002.

European Project Exchange; sponsored by CSULB and University of Plymouth, Exeter; Tuscania, Italy; 19 July to 12 August 1995.

Hosted and facilitated a weekly poetry workshop, Thursday Poets, 1990-94.

Hosted and facilitated a weekly art discussion group, Art Fridays, 1989.


“Performed Art: The Fluid Roles of Spectator and Artist in Sound Art," panel discussion moderated by Marc Weidenbaum, Soundwalk 2012, Fingerprints, Long Beach, 1 September 2012.

"Art Alumni Panel," Craig Stone's ART 690 Professional Practices Seminar, CSULB, 4 November 2009.

Atlas Tor: A Sonic Portrait of Tor House, presentation delivered at the 13th Annual Robinson Jeffers Association Conference, 17 February 2007, University of Hawai'i, Honolulu, HI.

"Spreadsheets of Sound: An Aural Foundation for Interdisciplinary Practice," paper/presentation delivered at Sound as Art: Blurring of the Boundaries, November 24-26, 2006, University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

"Phonography as Art and Activism," panel discussion with Aaron Ximm and Marcos Fernandes (moderator), 21 Grand Gallery, Oakland, CA, 29 July 2006.

"Détourning the Flaneur: Toward a Psychogeographic Poetics and Ecocritical Practice," presented at Conversation: Enacting New Synergies in Arts and Sciences, the 3rd European Conference of the Society for Literature and Science, at Cité Universitaire, Paris, France, 23-26 June 2004.  

"The Extra-Digital Axis Mundi: Myth, Magic, and Metaphor in Laptop Music," Contemporary Music Review, Vol. 22, Part 4, December 2003 (Routledge, UK), Peter Nelson, Editor; Kim Cascone, Issue Editor. (PDF)

Invited panelist on the theme of "microsound" for the discussion group, Empyre, with Trace Reddell, Tobias C. Van Veen, John Kannenberg, and John Hudak; August 2003.

"drains to ocean," photo-essay, Disk-O Magazine, Summer 1998.

Organizer and Chair, "What is Abstraction," Gallery C, CSULB, 8 October 1996.

Organizer and Chair, "Spoken Word in the Age of the Short Attention Span," When Words Collide, with panelists Ann Charters, Gerald Locklin, Adwin Brown, and Carol Feeney, Martha B. Knoebel Dance Theater, Long Beach, 21 September 1995.

Review of Gerald Locklin's The Firebird Poems and In/Word/Out: Thoughts on Poetry and Performance, in Chiron Review, Vol. 12, No. 2, 1993.

Review of Gerald Locklin's Old Mongoose and Other Poems in Small Press Review, 1992.

"The Long Beach Scene," in Red Dancefloor, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1991.

Panelist, "Small Press Magazines," sponsored by Red Dancefloor, Van Nuys, 1991.

Hosted and facilitated Student Art Forum, CSULB, 5 October 1989.



Graduate Dean's List of University Scholars and Artists, CSULB, 2005.

Marilyn Werby Memorial Award, Art Department, CSULB, 2004.

"Students Doing Great Things" Travel Award, Art Department, CSULB, 2003.

Nominated for Pushcart Prize, 1995.

Nominated for Pushcart Prize, 1993.

Nominated for Pushcart Prize, 1991.

Fine Arts Affiliates Scholarship, Art Department, CSULB, 1990.

Lamprecht Memorial Award (Student of the Year), Ventura College Student Show, 1987.

Mark Killian Award (Figure Drawing), Ventura College Student Show, 1987.

Poinsettia Medallion (Best of Show), Ventura Arts Council Young Artists Competition, 1987.


Retention Committee, AiCA-OC, 2013 to present

Chair, Technology Committee, AiCA-OC, August 2011 to July 2013.

Technology Committee, AiCA-OC, Fall 2010 to present.

Curriculum Committee (Chair), Film Department, UWM, Fall 2007-Spring 2009.

DIVAS Advisory Committee, Film Department, UWM, Fall 2007-Spring 2008.

Interactivity/New Media Search Committee, Film Department, UWM, Fall 2007-Spring 2008.

Technology Committee, Film Department, UWM, Fall 2007-Spring 2008.

Grievance Committee, Film Department, UWM, Fall 2007-Spring 2009.

Secretary, American Society for Acoustic Ecology, 2004-2005.

Staff Representative, College of Liberal Arts Budget Committee, CSULB, 2004-2007.

Reader, English Education Portfolio Review, CSULB, Spring 2003.

CMS (Common Management System) Planning Committee, CSULB, 2002-03.

Staff Representative, College of Liberal Arts Facilities Committee, CSULB, 2002-2004.

Reader, English Education Portfolio Review, CSULB, Fall 2002, Spring 2002.

Reader, William Shadden Scholarship Award, CSULB, 2002-2007.

Classical Music Genre Assistant, KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine, 2001-02.

Department of English Faculty Retreat, CSULB, Spring 2000.

Hosted and maintained Socalexp New Music Calendar, 2000-03.

On-air DJ ("Repeat After Me"), KUCI 88.9 FM, Irvine, 1999-2002.

Recording Secretary, Department of English Faculty Meetings, CSULB, 1998-2007.

Staff Representative, Department of English Advisory Committee, CSULB, 1998-2007 (Recording Secretary 1998-2001).

On-air DJ, WBAR 87.9 FM, Barnard College, NYC, 1997.

Judge, Wordslam Poetry Contest, sponsored by Hugo Boss, January 1996.

Member, Board of Directors, When Words Collide, First Annual Long Beach Spoken Word Festival (featuring Jim Carroll, Patti Smith, Dave Alvin, G. Love, Watts Prophets, Laurie Anderson, Richie Havens, Ken Nordine, et al.), September 1995.

Judge, The Longboard Slam Dunk!, The Longboard, Huntington Beach, Summer 1995.

John Fante Conference, CSULB and Sea Port Marina Hotel, Long Beach, CA, 4-6 May 1995.

Co-Judge, First-Annual Sheila-Na-Gig Poetry Contest, 1993.

Volunteer, Studio 83, Artists' Cooperative Studio Gallery, Ventura, CA, 1987-88.