A documentation of recordings and archived performances--solo, collaborative, ensemble.

Glenn Bach
Slow Sound




, 1 September 2015


water in the hollow eyes of the blue, finally
Glenn Bach and Steve Roden

.phonographiq, 1 July 2014



Stasisfield, 14 December 2014


Live at {open}
Southern California Soundscape Ensemble

MPRNTBL 1 June 2014


Dust, Unsettled, 13 February 2012.

Signal Out
Double Blind

MPRNTBL, MPRN-014, March 2014.


MPRNTBL, August 2009.

Dispersal Patterns
Glenn Bach and John Kannenberg

Entr'acte, July 2012.



Live at UWM
Milwaukee Phonography

MPRNTBL, MPRN-010, April 2010.


Stasisfield, 23 June 2008.

Flor de Muerto
Intense Situations of Peril

MPRNTBL, MPRN-009, October 2009.




MPRNTBL, MPRN-008, September 2009.



Intense Situations of Peril

MPRNTBL, MPRN-004, May 2009.

Diamond Finesse

Stasisfield, SF 2005, May 2003.

At the Edge of This Forest
Double Blind

MPRNTBL, MPRN-003, April 2009.


SuperMetalCollective, out of print, 2002.

Wounded Speaker
Double Blind

MPRNTBL, MPRN-001, January 2009.

Blind Contour

SuperMetalCollective, out of print, 2000.



SuperMetalCollective, out of print, 1999.

SCSE on Ear Meal

Southern California Soundscape Ensemble performed a live set (watch/listen to the archived set here) on Alan Nakagawa's Ear Meal webcast, 2 November 2011, on unitedArtscene.


SuperMetalCollective, out of print, 1998.

Pilgrimage from Scattered Points

Part 1 and Part 2 of video documentation of collaborative performance of selected scores from Cornelius Cardew's Scratch Orchestra Draft Constitution, as part of sound. at Fiesta Hall, 20 March 2010, 1200 North Vista St., West Hollywood, CA. Photos here.


SuperMetalCollective, out of print, 1998.

Sound. at Kings Road Pavillion

Video documentation of the performance of a graphic score "5x5," with Ted Byrnes (percussion), Ari DeSano (accordion), and Steuart Liebig (bass, electronics) as part of Sound. at Kings Road Park Pavillion, 1000 N. Kings Road, West Hollywood, CA 90069, 26 June 2010..

Holy Land Iron Work

unreleased, 1997.

Solo set on Ear Meal

I performed a solo set (watch/listen to the archived set here) on Alan Nakagawa's Ear Meal webcast, Wednesday, 7 July 2010, 9:30 PM, on unitedArtscene.


cassette, Black Tape Press, out of print , 1991.

Tetuzi Akiyama Workshop/Concert

Workshop and Group Concert with noted Japanese guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama, (with Bob Bellerue, Mitchell Brown, Jessica Catron, Jeremy Drake, Bill Hutson, Lewis Keller, David Kendall, Cat Lamb, Jorge Martin, Joe Potts, Tom Recchion, David Rothbaum, Mark Trayle, and Tom Watson), Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, Los Angeles, 25 June 2006.

Gathering Flowers and Stones

cassette, Black Tape Press, out of print , 1991.

Two Cities (Month of Sundays)

Month of Sundays at Visitor's Studio, live online performance with John Kannenberg (Chicago), performing Two Cities, sponsored by Furthernoise.org, 25 June 2006.



Power/Field 2

"Loma Powerlines" on Power/Field 2, two-disc compilation of unprocessed recordings made on-site, Anarchy Moon Recordings, Spring 2010.


Twilight & Ghost Stories

Chris Schlarb's Twilight & Ghost Stories, Asthmatic Kitty Records, December 4, 2007.


The Sonics of Art Spaces

Five tracks ("SFMOMA," "SFMOMA2," "MCASD," SFMOMA4," and "SFMOMA3") included in the compilation, The Sonics of Art Spaces, Stasisfield, December 2007.



"glacier libretto," RNDTXT, Spring 2004.



"notice," USA/USB, Shadow Puppet Recording Company, January 2004.


The Audible Still-Life

"phye," The Audible Still-Life, October 2003.



"rthkchpl," Klanghausen, September 2003.



"Saturday morning basketball," phonography.org.4, CD compilation, Summer 2003.


City of the Future

"specular loop," City of the Future, Summer 2003.


The pi Project

"cadae (a minor sea)," The pi Project, Spring 2003.


Ferosal Coral Remix Project

"remix," Ferosal Coral Remix Project, (Corewatch #013), Winter 2003.



"umbrellas, a somber parentheses," phonography.org 1: compositions using field recordings, CD compilation, Fall 2002.


Five tracks from Radia appeared on Framework Radio regular edition #384, as a broadcast on Resonance FM along with other stations in the UK and in Belgium, Slovenia, Portugal, and NYC, and as an archived podcast, 22 July 2012.

"Moraine" and an excerpt from "Basin 1" from Radia appeared on The Field Reporter Radio #5, 31 March 2012.

"Basin 1" from Radia appeared on A Small Floating Particle, an episode of Quiet Space, hosted by Paul Gough (aka Pimmon), ABC Radio National (Australia), 4 March 2012.

"Shift," a track from my unreleased 2009 solo project, Pinna (one of a trio with Iteral and Radia) was featured in "Urban Archeology," an episode of Framework: Afield curated by John Kannenberg, featuring members of the World Listening Project, broadcast on Resonance FM, 4 July 2010, and archived as a podcast here. Playlist #291 here.

Field recordings included in Giant Ear))): Urban Rhythms, radio performance dedicated to the sonic patterns of the urban landscape, Free103point9, sponsored by New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, 24 February 2008, 7-9PM EST.

"Bridge Elegy" included in Giant Ear))): In Memoriam, radio performance on Free103point9, sponsored by New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, 10 June 2007, 7-9PM EST.

"St. Martin in the Fields, Crypt," included in Giant Ear))): Saved by the Bell, radio performance dedicated to the architectural acoustics of religious spaces, Free103point9, sponsored by New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, 13 May 2007, 7-9PM EST.

Five field recordings, ("SFMOMA," "SFMOMA2," "SFMOMA3," "SFMOMA4," and "MCASD" included in Stasisfield: The Sonics of Arts Spaces, a radio broadcast (curated by John Kannenberg) on Framework, Resonance FM, London (along with recordings and compositions by Anne Guthrie, John Kannenberg, My Fun, and Steve Roden), 28 November 2006.

"ISOP," Soundwalk 2006 Catalog CD, October 2005.

"standard excerpt," Soundwalk 2005 Catalog CD, August 2005.

"two rooms" and "phye" on the radio show Framework, Resonance FM, 104.4 FM, London, UK, 11 March 2005 and 23 March 2005.

"78 slow circles," "slice interlude," and "solstice" in Fifteen Project #3, January 2005.

"two cities sketch," collaboration with John Kannenberg, Soundwalk 2004 Catalog CD, August 2004.

"specular loop," on the radio show Down With the Chairman, Resonance FM, 104.4 FM, London, UK, 13 May 2004.

"glacier libretto (part 2)," 8th Annual Santa Fe International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, radio broadcast on "Other Voices, Other Sounds," KUNM 89.9 FM, Albuquerque, NM, hosted by Steven Miller, 25 April 2004.

"freespeech," Sonic Network Analysis, as part of version>04 invisibleNetworks, Stasisfield, 15 March 2004.

"7clicks," 7econds, Winter 2004.

"the history of air and hours," accepted for inclusion in A.D.A.P.T. RE:BUILD, curated by Trace Reddell, Fall 2003.

"Universe (Pure Influence mix)," Technova by Skytracker, Electronic Shadows Records, Fall 2003.

Contributed to Ilya Monosov's "Music for Big Band," Frogpeak Unbound, 2003. (notes)

"out thin," Tensile: International Experimental Acoustic Guitar Anthology, Labile Music, Summer 2003.

"bisameeth," Recovered Patience compilation, Chmafu Records (Austria), Spring 2003.

"remit," Re-Gnit, Spring 2003.

"stippled," The Stone Cast, The Ripple Made, Spring 2003.

"folded" included in a mix along with works by Luigi Russolo, Joseph Beuys & Henning Christiansen, Kim Cascone, Terre Thaemlitz, et al., on the Danish website DRavantgarde, October 2002.

"remended" and "cutoff and mend," John Watermann Memorial Project, Fall 2002.

"round length of the room," The Palimpsest Project, Fall 2002.

"source.01," microsound_compilation: star6_789, Centuries Records, September 2002.

"incidental music," con/text, Summer, 2002.

"in still air," "in calm waters," and "in cold light," Dead SCSI 2, 2002.

"osaka crowds," Osaka Remix Project, Foton Records, 2002.

"imagined structure," Reverse Engineering, 2002.

"mediator of memory (atravesado)," bufferFuct, 2002.

"NYC birds and hammers," Phonography Archive, 2002.

"deepless," "open verse," and "haptic light," McDonna Project, 2002.

"J Train over Williamsburg," on snd_modulation_v2.0 (MP3 station on original MP3.com), 2000.